Improved payment management

We’re bringing new updates to our Client Panel to help you better manage your billing and keep track of your payment methods.

Faster checkouts

Once you use a card to pay for our services, we’ll save it for faster and more convenient future checkouts. And of course, saving your card does not grant us access to its credentials. You can always remove all saved cards by navigating to Your account → Billing.

Automatic subscription renewals

When paying by your card, you can always set it as the default payment method for automatic renewals of each of your subscriptions. If you sign up for automatic renewals, each subscription will renew 5 days before its due date. Rest assured there will be no other automatic charges.

If you wish to change the card used for auto-renewals, or if you wish to cancel auto-renewals altogether, navigate to Your account → Billing and click the corresponding option.


From September 14th onwards, European banks will require certain card payments to meet SCA requirements. In practice, this means that you may sometimes be asked to complete additional verification steps for your payment to come through.

Notification emails & Authorized contacts

To address the feedback we’ve received, we’re rolling out two new updates to help you better manage notification emails and authorized email contacts.

Notification emails

Our Client Panel now enables you to create technical, administrative, and abuse contacts to receive notification emails. This way, you have the option to automatically CC responsible staff within your organization.

  • Your technical contact gets notified of all maintenances and incidents.
  • Your administrative contact receives a copy of all billing-related emails.
  • Your abuse contact receives all emails related to copyright infringement.

All notifications except for copyright infringement claims will continue to be sent to your primary email address.

Authorised contacts

By default, we only accept support and sales requests from your primary email address. After our last Client Panel update, you now have the option to authorize additional contacts.

Streamlined billing policy

From September 1st onwards, you’ll have the chance to switch to our streamlined billing system. If you switch, all your existing billing cycles will align and you’ll be billed on the first of every month. No more worries keeping your billing in check.

To adopt the new billing policy, please contact our sales team. Depending on your current balance, there will be either a one-time charge or a one-time discount.

New subscriptions bought mid-month are covered as well. When you make a purchase, we will charge you for a full month and prorate your second month.

If you wish to keep your current billing intact, no action is required on your part.

Instant Delivery

The fastest way to order another server

From now on, when ordering another server, you can choose in real-time from hundreds of servers currently in stock. And it's really hundreds, in time of writing this, we have 260 available servers, and another 200 are on its way. You can narrow down the selection according to location or configuration, for example, servers available in Amsterdam, or those with Intel Xeon E-2136 CPU. If you don't need high-end hardware for your specific purpose, you can choose older and less expensive servers from the stock, these are usually available too.


Two-factor authentication

We are happy to announce that the new Client Panel supports two-factor authentication (2FA). Enabling 2FA adds an extra identity verification feature to your account which ensures that you're the only one who can log in.

How it works

  1. Install an authentication app on your phone (we support Google Authenticator, Authy and 1Password).

  2. Activate two-factor authentication in the Security section of your Settings

  3. When you log into the Client Panel, use your mobile phone (or a password manager) to verify your identity by typing in a number sent to you by the authenticator app.


Please Note

You will no longer be able to access the old Client Panel after activating 2FA.

Improved traffic data display

The new Client Panel brings an improved and more precise means of viewing and measuring your inbound and outbound traffic. Every minute we pull data from our network switches, which we store in a fast DBMS. It is then displayed at regular intervals on the graphs which you can see in your client panel. You can also view your traffic in further detail, by switching the layout of the graphs which should give you more accurate numbers.


  • Inbound and outbound traffic peaks are now displayed on the graphs.
  • It is now possible to switch between the detailed and average data view (on aggregated traffic charts only).

Screenshot 2019-05-06 at 14.01.46.png

Bug Fixes

  • A handful of our customers who were making use of a BGP session were seeing incorrect data usage for certain servers.

Server filtering and bug fixes

Thanks for the fantastic feedback we received after launching the new Client Panel. You asked and we listened. Here's first batch of improvements and fixes.

Server filtering

It is now possible to filter your servers by various criteria such as location, IPs, server alias, server ID, traffic plan, CPU, HDD or RAM.



  • Timezone support – chosen timezone is now fully reflected in the UI. To set new timezone go to Profile settings.

  • Payment chart – it's newly based on payment date instead of invoice due date. It’s now easier to find out how much you’ve spent in respective period.

  • Network issue support form – to request support in case of a network issue you can now use the Support form. There’s no need to use the old Client Panel anymore.

The New Client Panel

The last couple of months we have put a lot of effort to get the Client Panel from good to awesome. Finally, we did it and it has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Check the blog post to learn more about changes such as streamlined Traffic Charts, new Event Log, more detailed Server Section, reorganised Billing and newly added Payment history section.

This is just the beginning and the best is yet to come. From now on our dev team will be continuously adding new features and fixing bugs. And because Security is our very high priority, you can expect to see Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as one of the first upcoming features.

For some time the old Client Panel and the new one will run in parallel to make the transition easier.

Please, feel free to let us know how you like the new Client Panel and what would you want to add or change. Just email me, I’d be happy to answer!

Libor Vanek, DataPacket Development Lead