DataPacket changelog
DataPacket changelog

Improved payment management





We’re bringing new updates to our Client Panel to help you better manage your billing and keep track of your payment methods.

Faster checkouts

Once you use a card to pay for our services, we’ll save it for faster and more convenient future checkouts. And of course, saving your card does not grant us access to its credentials. You can always remove all saved cards by navigating to Your account → Billing.

Automatic subscription renewals

When paying by your card, you can always set it as the default payment method for automatic renewals of each of your subscriptions. If you sign up for automatic renewals, each subscription will renew 5 days before its due date. Rest assured there will be no other automatic charges.

If you wish to change the card used for auto-renewals, or if you wish to cancel auto-renewals altogether, navigate to Your account → Billing and click the corresponding option.


From September 14th onwards, European banks will require certain card payments to meet SCA requirements. In practice, this means that you may sometimes be asked to complete additional verification steps for your payment to come through.